Pornography and Me (A Woman’s Perspective)

This month has been directed towards awareness of human-trafficking.

For Atlantans, we are usually shining that light on sex-trafficking of women and children. Our beloved city just so happens to be one of the most populated with these transactions in the world.… Read the rest


I Have a Dream


How are you?

How are your kids?

How is that wedding going that you have been planning on Pinterest even though you aren’t even dating anyone?

Mine is going well, thank you.


Today is a very monumental day, and I didn’t really feel like any words of mine could exemplify more of how important today is, especially since things that I say don’t make holidays.… Read the rest

IMG_9988 (1)

Finding Light in the Shadow (Mature Audience Recommended)

Hi you.

I hope that by me saying, “Hi you,” you get sort of an intimate feeling, especially because I did not put an exclamation mark.

We are that close now.

If I did not scare you away from being somewhat creepy, welcome!… Read the rest


I Am Seriously Serious

Hey, you!

I’m so glad you’re here!

They say that separation makes the heart grow fonder, but I have just been so sad this past week without you. So thank you for making my Monday much better than my Sunday when you weren’t around.… Read the rest

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