Ten Ways to Realize List Articles are Dumb

Hello you hottie, you.

Your forehead is looking so good today! Way to go!

I hope your weekend and all of last week were filled with uncontrollable laughter and sore feet from dancing.

So anyway,

I have been noticing an overload of articles that keep flooding my news-feed on Facebook:

“Ten Things that Says He Loves You”

“Fifteen Ways to Get Your Guy”

“Ten Phrases to Tell Your Girlfriend”

“Twenty Ways to Fart in Public”

(Okay I have never seen the last one, but I am so sure that exists somewhere)


What the heck?… Read the rest


Woman of the House

Wow, hello!

You are so refreshing to write to today.

How was your weekend? Was it filled with soaking in some warmth and hugging trees?

Maybe that was just me.


I really do hope your weekend felt like the time you drank a cold glass of water when you were at your thirstiest.… Read the rest


The Day I Liked Country Music

Happy Day to you!

I hope you celebrate today well by doing whatever seems fit.

Every day should be full of joy like any other holiday!


If you know me well at all, you would first know that:

1. I love Jesus

2.… Read the rest


Brunch with a Cup of Revelation

Hello everyone!

What are you up to?

How was that thing you did?

I hope it went the way you wanted it to.

So it has been a while since we last conversed! I would say it feels like it has been forever, but it seriously went by extremely fast and I cannot believe it has been a month since I have written.… Read the rest

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