Howzit, reader?

Did you get to recoup enough this weekend after the week you had?

I hope so. You deserve some rest.

I also hope that working on patience (lesson of last week) wasn’t as difficult for you to do as it was for me.… Read the rest


Lessons in a Dread Lock

Happy rainy Monday to you!

Unless it isn’t raining where you are, then,

Happy not-rainy Monday to you!

I hope this past week you were able to have some pauses in your busy life to breathe a bit.

I say that because I don’t think I did.… Read the rest


Ten Ways to Realize List Articles are Dumb

Hello you hottie, you.

Your forehead is looking so good today! Way to go!

I hope your weekend and all of last week were filled with uncontrollable laughter and sore feet from dancing.

So anyway,

I have been noticing an overload of articles that keep flooding my news-feed on Facebook:

“Ten Things that Says He Loves You”

“Fifteen Ways to Get Your Guy”

“Ten Phrases to Tell Your Girlfriend”

“Twenty Ways to Fart in Public”

(Okay I have never seen the last one, but I am so sure that exists somewhere)


What the heck?… Read the rest


Woman of the House

Wow, hello!

You are so refreshing to write to today.

How was your weekend? Was it filled with soaking in some warmth and hugging trees?

Maybe that was just me.


I really do hope your weekend felt like the time you drank a cold glass of water when you were at your thirstiest.… Read the rest

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