Tea Leaves

Hello there!

How has your Monday been?

I hope it has been less mundane than usual, or just as exciting as usual!

I guess it just depends if you tend to have awesome Monday’s or not.


I’ve noticed that September has already become a big wedding season, as well as a popular engagement season.… Read the rest


On To The Next One

Good afternoon, folks!

What are you doing?

I hope it’s something that makes you happy with your life.

I am currently eating Indian food that is making my lips really hot, but it’s a tingle that isn’t as bad as it would seem.… Read the rest

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Forgive Me Not

Good morning lovely eyeballs of the Earth!

(That was not my way of discriminating eyeballs belonging to those not of Earth.)

I hope your weekend was the epitome of what you would always want your weekend to look like, and that you would use your weekend scenario for a “living free” type of a music video.… Read the rest

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Thank You, Zach

Hello Zach!


Hello anyone who decided to read this.

I wanted to devote a post to the maker of this blog.

As you see from the cover photo, that was the original logo of Flower Roots, and the rest of the blog was even worse than that picture.… Read the rest

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