Dear Disappointing Christians (A Response to Responses to the Legalization of Gay Marriage)

Hi, Reader!

I hope that your weekend was better than what I have seen on the internet for the past few days.

In case you have no idea and live under a rock, gay marriage has now been legalized across the nation.… Read the rest

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I’m Feelin’ Myself

Hello, friend! Hello!

How are you today?

I hope your weekend equated to that one time you were so happy that you could have cried but you didn’t because you were in a public general store.

(that may have just happened with me)


Usually I would not do a post solely on how I am feeling about myself, but this past week has been shocking.… Read the rest


What Is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

Hellooooooo Dolly!

How are you today?

I hope your day so far has been as good as receiving a package in the mail that you forgot you paid for, but it still feels like a surprise gift.

So this weekend, I celebrated a best friend of mine as she prepares to be married to her one-and-only in a month.… Read the rest


For the College Kids

Hi angel!

Did you hear that apples are taking over the world?

Me neither.

Hope your weekend was marvelous.


This is my first post as a graduate!

I am officially out of University, and into the new world as an “adult” (whatever that means).… Read the rest

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