When Your Mind Won’t Let You Go

Hey, Good-Lookin’.

Whatcha got cookin’?

Thanksgiving is this week, so I hope you have mentally and physically prepared for this very sweet holiday.

I’m pretty stoked because this year will be my unspoken “coming of age” Thanksgiving due to me bringing my first dish to the family gathering.… Read the rest

IMG_9988 (1)

Age is Just a Number

Oh man, check you out.

You woke up like this.

You woke up like this.


And that’s all I know from that song. Sorry Queen B-lovers.

So this weekend I partook in a retreat for young women.

I’ve served on it many times, and each time has always been such a great and unique experience.… Read the rest


How To Cope When Your Life Is A Sh*t Show

Oh my gosh! How did you get in here?

*covers body with a towel*

It’s all good. I’m glad you’re here!

Hope your weekend was full of laughter because mine was full of phlegm.

Yeah, I’ve been sick.

And now I’m moving away from the possibility of a detailed talk on phlegm.… Read the rest


Getting Laid (Off)

Reader, I am so glad you made it.

How are you?

I hope you had a sugar coma from the candy you were supposed to pass out to children.

Who cares about the children?

They have enough candy.

Can I get an amen?… Read the rest