Thanks for Giving

Gobble gobble, everybody!

(That means “hey” in the language of the turkeys (the birds))

I hope your weekends were already full of food and celebration.

I want to devote today’s post, in light of Thanksgiving, to give my thanks of this holiday season.… Read the rest


I Am Not A Natural Blue

Hey cool kids!

I mean that literally because it is so freaking cold outside, and I still have no heat in my house.

I hope your weekend has been warm.


So I never realized that this was going to be as big of news as people have responded to it but,

my hair is no longer blue.… Read the rest


My Weekend With Five Men

Hello ones spending time on a Monday to read this!

Also, hello to those reading this later than Monday!

(So hello to future readers… woah)

I hope your day has been so delightful, and that your weekend was as colorful as the trees!… Read the rest


I Don’t Have All of the Words to Say

Hello everyone!

I’ve missed you dearly, but I’m glad to be posting again today.

I’ve been so sick recently, and it’s of course due to moving and moving and never stopping, as well as the weather changes.

Oh, how I enjoy my body telling me that I am being stupid and not taking care of it.… Read the rest

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