So A Recovered Anorexic Walks Into A Gym

It’s a new day!

Thank goodness we get to encounter a brand new day that has never been done in any other time in life’s history.

I am so glad I get to spend today with you!

So, I went to the gym today.… Read the rest


I Deserve Better


(Sorry I am yelling. I have had a good amount of coffee)

How are you today?

Did you do that thing?

You did?

You are bold.


I have recently dealt with what many friends of mine have been through, and I now see the difficulties.… Read the rest


Moving Pains

Hello, my good human of comfort and love.

How are you today?

I hope you are as amazing as seeing a peacock stand on a Mcdonalds.

(I’ve seen it. It’s amazing)


If you saw last week’s post, then we can definitely consider today being my official day back on the blog.… Read the rest

IMG_9988 (1)

Earth Gets a Day

Hello, lovely product of nature!

I’m glad to be back from the week-off break from here. My brain is still fried and my body is now getting sick. Getting sick is its way of telling me to f*** off after not resting for too long.… Read the rest

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