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Earth Gets a Day

Hello, lovely product of nature!

I’m glad to be back from the week-off break from here. My brain is still fried and my body is now getting sick. Getting sick is its way of telling me to f*** off after not resting for too long.… Read the rest



Howzit, reader?

Did you get to recoup enough this weekend after the week you had?

I hope so. You deserve some rest.

I also hope that working on patience (lesson of last week) wasn’t as difficult for you to do as it was for me.… Read the rest


Lessons in a Dread Lock

Happy rainy Monday to you!

Unless it isn’t raining where you are, then,

Happy not-rainy Monday to you!

I hope this past week you were able to have some pauses in your busy life to breathe a bit.

I say that because I don’t think I did.… Read the rest


Ten Ways to Realize List Articles are Dumb

Hello you hottie, you.

Your forehead is looking so good today! Way to go!

I hope your weekend and all of last week were filled with uncontrollable laughter and sore feet from dancing.

So anyway,

I have been noticing an overload of articles that keep flooding my news-feed on Facebook:

“Ten Things that Says He Loves You”

“Fifteen Ways to Get Your Guy”

“Ten Phrases to Tell Your Girlfriend”

“Twenty Ways to Fart in Public”

(Okay I have never seen the last one, but I am so sure that exists somewhere)


What the heck?… Read the rest

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