The Starting Line of Depression

Hi there, Lovely!

Please hold your breath while reading this because I’m sick. I don’t think that you can catch a cold via computers, but we can never be sure.

So just read really quickly.


This past weekend I have been sick.… Read the rest


Dear Disappointing Christians (A Response to Responses to the Legalization of Gay Marriage)

Hi, Reader!

I hope that your weekend was better than what I have seen on the internet for the past few days.

In case you have no idea and live under a rock, gay marriage has now been legalized across the nation.… Read the rest

IMG_9988 (1)

I’m Feelin’ Myself

Hello, friend! Hello!

How are you today?

I hope your weekend equated to that one time you were so happy that you could have cried but you didn’t because you were in a public general store.

(that may have just happened with me)


Usually I would not do a post solely on how I am feeling about myself, but this past week has been shocking.… Read the rest


What Is Love? Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

Hellooooooo Dolly!

How are you today?

I hope your day so far has been as good as receiving a package in the mail that you forgot you paid for, but it still feels like a surprise gift.

So this weekend, I celebrated a best friend of mine as she prepares to be married to her one-and-only in a month.… Read the rest

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