I Took Off My Purity Ring Today

Good day, you!

Was your weekend something to brag about?

I hope so.

I hope things are changing, but in a great way for you.

Life is more fun that way when we allow changes to happen and move through us.… Read the rest


The Next Big Thing

Good morning, those with eyes!

If you don’t have eyes, good morning through the person that is reading this to you!

I hope your weekend and last week were awesome and full of fun and eating Eggo Waffles.

(That wasn’t an advertising scheme, but I love them and I ate them last week)


Today’s post is about becoming the next big thing.… Read the rest


We Are Family

Hola personas bonitísimas.

(Hello very, very beautiful people.)

I hope your 4th of July weekend was full of fireworks and great stories.

On this majestic Monday, I wanted to talk about the importance of family.

As one grows up, once they reach the adolescent stage, the last group of people that they want to be caught with is their family.… Read the rest


Happy Birthday, America!

(fireworks go off, sparklers start, “Proud to be an American” begins playing…)

Hello everyone!

It’s the 4th of July!

And if you haven’t checked your Instagrams and Twitter feeds, this is a big deal!

What happened to Ms. Independent? 

Well, America took her!Read the rest

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