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So Worth Promoting!

August 25, 2013 0 Comments
    Hello lovely eyes! So today’s post, I felt led to help promote an amazing company called So Worth Loving. If you don’t already know their great message, basically their goal is to spread the message of self worth and letting everyone know that they are beautiful and can be and are loved! They sell some pretty ballin’ clothes that reflect this message and can be viewed and bought at www.soworthloving.com.
       Anywho, I’m promoting this company because, as I type, they are trying to raise up to $27,000 dollars to help fund a tour called the Free To Be tour. This is starting in the good ol’ ATL, and then headed out to the rest of the States. The founders of SWL are wanting to spread the message of self worth even further than they already are and I truly believe that, through this tour, they will be able to do that! So…. I won’t talk any further because here’s a well-planned and beautifully edited video that would be more fun to receive info from than just my typed-out words.
Here’s their story!
There ya have it! If you feel led to give, then most definitely give to help this awesome idea come to life! If you don’t feel led to give, then just continue to grow in your love to yourself and your love to others! Also, you could just spread the message of So Worth Loving to all beautiful people you encounter through your day-to-day lives!
Love you guys!

Karlye Hayes