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My Monster

September 8, 2013 0 Comments
Hey guys! So for this evening’s post, I wanted to share some literature that I was working on for a student-created book called the Underground Journal. This is a book that is filled with submissions from all sorts of students at my college who want their voices heard whether in poetry, short stories, visual arts, etc. While working on my own submission, I thought of you and thought of all of those hearts that are still feeling alone in their struggles. I am an English major and so writing is very therapeutic to me and it is how I can truly express myself when I can’t explain it all vocally.
 Anyway, here is a shortened, rhythmic version of my story:
I killed myself today,
Because it was time for me to get going.
I was my own reflection’s prey,
And the hunt started each morning.
Any joy or beauty I saw in me,
Was devoured by this monster.
I tried to hold on but I could not keep,
The grip and then I lost her.
Then one day I heard a noise,
Whistling like wind in my hollow body.
It wasn’t me, but it was a voice,
That sounded like the sun dawning.
He told me that I was beautiful,
But I couldn’t see it,
Until He blocked me from the pitiful,
Reflection, so I’d believe it.
He grabbed me then filled me,
From my toes to my head,
And there was no room for fear,
Or any room for dread.
My life turned like the season,
So the monster had to go away,
And this is the reason,
I killed myself today.
Before we can truly heal from our struggles, we must realize that we have to overcome our own self before making that next step. For me, I was my worst enemy. No one was more hurtful to me than I was.
Dear reader, you are amazing and I know for a fact that if you don’t believe it, it’s because YOU are telling YOURSELF  that. So embrace it!
Love you guys!

Karlye Hayes