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Getting Laid (Off)

November 2, 2015 1 Comments

Reader, I am so glad you made it.

How are you?

I hope you had a sugar coma from the candy you were supposed to pass out to children.

Who cares about the children?

They have enough candy.

Can I get an amen?

So some unexpected news happened today.

As I was about to start writing for one of my jobs, suffering through coughs and congestion, I received a call from my boss from said job.

Before I could tell him that I wouldn’t be able to make it by the office due to my being sick, he had some bad news for me.

He couldn’t afford me.

So I’m temporarily laid off until he can.

I could tell he felt horrible, and I tried to sound as chipper as my sore throat would allow.

As we hung up, I had nothing else to do but cry a bit.

This job paid all my bills and kept me financially comfortable.

And now it’s gone for who knows how long.

Yay Monday.

So what now?

When something knocks us down unexpectedly, where do we go?

Do we roll over onto the other side to continue the pity?

Do we try standing?

Do we just bury ourselves a little deeper to test just how low we can feel?

Do we just remain in the same position, not willing to risk anything else happening?

As I sat there marking out half of my To-Do list because it was all stuff for this job, I decided to stand.

Emotionally, I stood.

And even though my body is in pain, physically, I stood.

Because there’s a reason for everything.

There’s a reason this happened, and there’s a reason why this happened now.

So instead of hating God and this rainy day for ruining my entire week on a Monday, I’m going to embrace this rain and look to God and say, “Alright Dude, whatcha got for me?”

It may not be the easiest to do, but it’s the most fulfilling.

So, if your Monday Blues look a lot like this, don’t stay knocked down.

Stand up.

I promise it’s worth the risk and I promise that there will be rewards.

I mean for one, you can have more movement when you’re standing.

And two, it will be a ton easier to see all the different angles of the world’s beauty around you when you’re up instead laying down.

Will you stand with me?

Love you guys.


Karlye Hayes