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Oh man, check you out.

You woke up like this.

You woke up like this.


And that’s all I know from that song. Sorry Queen B-lovers.

So this weekend I partook in a retreat for young women.

I’ve served on it many times, and each time has always been such a great and unique experience.

This weekend, though, I was able to serve right beside the young women attending, and I had the honor to watch them grow in such a short amount of time.

As a 23 year-old, I wasn’t sure how well I’d relate to them. Most of them were 16 or 17, with the oldest being 19.

Maybe to you this is not a big age difference, but being a graduate from college, I don’t think my career-finding journey would mesh well with what they were going to wear to homecoming.

I had no idea what to expect.

Long story short, I couldn’t have learned more from them if I tried. I found myself as one of them. The things they struggled with, I still struggled with.

I still struggle with the anxiety of fitting in at times. I still struggle with my parents. I definitely struggle with boys (rather the lack-thereof). And looking around at the gals I sat with, I think I struggled with acne more than they did.

We were one in the same.

With that, God humbled me by letting me know that no matter how old I get, how much of a leader I become, or how victorious I end up in the workplace, I will never be too good or too wise to relate and be connected to the souls around me.

No matter what age, gender, or stage of life I’m in, I’m really not farther ahead than anyone else if enlightenment is a race.

I mean, we do treat it like a race.

Our journeys are different, yes, but they are measured the same.

And I think what any leader needs to know is that leading does not mean being the line-leader.

It means walking beside the line.

These girls changed me, and even though every day cannot be like this retreat with them, I hope that they know the impact they made on me, and that I see them again very soon.

If you want to lead an army for a common good, I suggest you be a part of the army first.

Walk beside them.

Walk within them.

Then you’ll know how to protect them properly and wholeheartedly when their personal battles come.

Love you guys!


Karlye Hayes


  1. Reply

    Amanda Moyer

    November 16, 2015

    WOW!! Thank-you for the “special gift” of this post! Love you!

    • Reply

      Karlye Hayes

      November 17, 2015

      Love you so much, Amanda! Thank YOU so much for calling me to be a part of this wonderful weekend!

  2. Reply

    Karlye Hayes

    November 17, 2015

    Thank you for being amazing and for being such an encouraging and splendid spirit at our table! I am inspired and blessed by you!