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Have A Stressful, Anxiety-Filled Christmas

December 14, 2015 0 Comments

Well, reader, here you are.

Here I am.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

Talk about love at first sight.

Talk about make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

I’m glad you’re here.

So obviously, it’s that time of year again where everyone is hustling and knocking over shelves to get everything they “need” for Christmas Day with their family and friends.

Even the stores that don’t ever get looked at are crowded because they have things, and things are what people aim to buy for others.

And coffee shops are loaded because everyone needs their hype-juice to continue with the rest of their shopping.

Getting gifts equates to getting milk and bread when the apocalypse happens.

Yeah, the apocalypse is happening if we don’t get everything on everyone’s list.

(pause for dramatic effect)

What the ever-loving heck are we doing?

This season has been especially frustrating when it comes to Christmas because (1) it has been extremely not cold Christmas weather and (2) I have been witnessing too much stress over this holiday that is supposed to have everything to do with joy.

I mean, Black Friday is now Black Thursday Afternoon Before You Even Get To Thanksgiving Dinner.

(my heart is pumping quicker and quicker the more I type because of how pissed I am at everything)

This crap has been going on for as long as anyone can remember, so this isn’t me surfacing anything hidden or undiscovered.

I’m just another human wanting to share their opinion, and I’m just another blog that others will say, “What makes you think your words are different than others? You’re 23 and you’re just upset because you can’t afford anything.”

Good point, hypothetical human.

Yes, I am quite broke and it’s been through prayer that I can fill my gas tank and buy food when I need to.

Yes, I’m 23 and don’t know what it’s like to be stressed about giving my children the “perfect Christmas morning.”

Yes, what I’m saying is not unique.

But don’t you think its lack of uniqueness is a sign?

Don’t you think that this subject being repeated may mean something more than just broke anger towards a money-craving society?

It’s statistically proven that there is a large spike in anxiety during the holidays. With this, it’s also stated that there is a spike in psychotherapy and prescription drug-purchases during this time.

I’m so glad that you, hypothetical hater, were able to get the gifts for everyone; yet, you left yourself needing pills and other outside influences to get you through this unhealthy anxiety.

That’s just so great.

It’s been proven a myth that suicide rates heighten during the holidays. Instead, that spike happens after the holidays, so what should be defined as a joyous time with community has one ending up feeling isolated and unworthy of living.

Can we agree that this is ridiculous?

Being broke isn’t the coolest in today’s culture, but it has definitely taught me how unimportant receiving gifts is during Christmas. Every year, I struggle even coming up with a list to give my family because the things don’t matter.

The gifts we give and receive do not make or break relationships, and if they do, then that’s a problem all on its own.

For example, I decided I didn’t want to exchange gifts this year with my mom’s dad’s side of the family. I felt that it was pointless to buy gifts for each other when we see each other only the one time a year.

Grandaddy argued that he felt that getting rid of gifts will distance us even more from him and his wife.

I disagreed.

If anything, I felt that gifts hindered us even more because when opening gifts, it would just be like, “Oh, thanks so much for the one thing I asked for from you guys. I really am so glad that no thought was put into this and it was just what I wanted, but you wouldn’t have known unless I told you.”

We ended our phone conversation with agreeing to not do gifts in hopes that by just having dinner together, we can all be more apt to share and catch up with one-another on what has happened in the past year.

So much can happen in a year, so it shouldn’t be that hard to talk for a couple hours to cover 365 days of not talking.

Time is more valuable than objects, and I can confidently say that if our bond is strengthened with that side of the family, it will not be because I received a cool book from them last year.

This year, I’ve been challenged to live in joy, and by doing that, I must make time for God, I must make time for people, and I must make time for me.

I must make time.




Did you hear me?

I was saying that we need to just make time this season.

Oh, you heard me?

Okay, just making sure.

I’m not saying gifts are Satan, but if the gifts are causing such grief and pain in our lives, then why should we threaten our well-being by buying things that won’t come with us when we die? Gifts should be given out of want not need, but regardless, they’re still not the definition of where relationships stand in life.

The gifts given to Jesus when He was born, the reason for the season, were never mentioned again after that moment. It was nice of those kings, definitely, but they didn’t come up ever again throughout Jesus’s life, and they definitely weren’t mentioned at His death.

I’m sure Mary was thankful for them and said, “Aw, thanks guys,” but her main focus was that she just gave birth to God’s son because that’s known as pretty neat.

I just pray that this season, you find that lovely joy that comes outside of mall crowds and wrapping paper-cuts.

Love you guys,


Karlye Hayes