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Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

April 25, 2016 2 Comments

Woah! Hello!

Sorry, you just surprised me with how beautiful you are.

It wasn’t a negative sort of surprise. I just don’t expect to see such lovely things at this time of day.

If you’re here long enough, I’ll get used to it and not consider your overwhelming looks intimidating.

 As I sit here staring out my window and notice the canopy of trees that drape over my house, I wonder how anything could keep me from wanting to emotionally submerge myself in the presence of God through nature.

How could anything make it where a tear doesn’t roll down my cheek as I gawk at the lovely sun peaking through the leaves and through them, lighting up their greenness so much that it even contrasts with the sky.

I never want anything to keep me from that, to keep me from loving nature and loving my body that appreciates it.

Unfortunately, there is something.

Yesterday I was strolling through the cutest arts festival in my community, and I purchased this amazing wall piece that is a tree of life made of copper wire and sea-green crystals.

As my card was being swiped, I spoke with the couple who was to blame for all of the beautiful creations of that tent, and their story was marvelous.

They are an older couple from Cleveland, Georgia, and honestly, they looked like the types of people others would assume I’m related to based on our clothing choices alone.

I asked how they started all of this, and the wife explained that these beauts were a result of desperation. They had lost all they had and it was right before the holidays, so instead of sulking and stressing to the point of never leaving that spot, she got whatever she could find and afford and started making little ornaments made of wire and beads.

From that point, they kept going and before long, they had started a dreamy business selling the most inspirational of pieces and living a life that they can enjoy together and with whatever community they end up in for festivals.

After I was able to gain my self control and not cry and reach to hug them because I had decided that I loved them, I noticed a chart on one of the tables with a list of colors.

The wife continued to explain the pieces and that all of the crystals meant something more than just decoration. Each color helped with different things.

I looked down the list for green, and the chart explained that green stood for self-love, love of nature, and clear-headedness and heart.

The malfunctions this color could heal were breathing problems, issues with self-love, issues with love of nature, and other issues with mind and soul.

I was so thankful that the mystically green tree was the one I bought because my love of nature is solid, my love of self is solid, my clear head is…well it’s clear that I can see how crazy it is.

But like I said about my lovely tree tent over my house, there is something that will get in the way of that.

Something that takes away the love we cherish and the beauty we’re surrounded by.


I truly hate heartbreak. I hate hearing about it and I hate seeing my closest friends/family deal with it.

It can destroy us. When a guy or girl or family member takes part in that sort of pain, it kills us.

It covers our eyes with a lens of negativity and blinders to what God has placed in our worlds.

It tugs at our self-confidence and oftentimes, it tugs it so hard that the confidence is completely split in half, leaving us to believe that there is no stitch that could put it back together.

It gives us a reason to not trust others.

It builds huge walls with barbed wire around the top, and those walls are surrounding any chance we’d ever be vulnerable with someone again.

Heartbreak hates us, and we hate it.

But, all of this is not permanent, even though we think differently depending on the amount of heartbreak we have gone through.

I promise, our hearts can pull themselves up by grabbing onto the rubble and fallen trees in your chest that resulted from the chaotic break. And when they get up, they can keep going.

The lovely couple who created my new favorite wall piece did it best: in the midst of desperation and loneliness and feeling that they were and had nothing, they grabbed wire and beads. They kept going. Instead of looking at what they no longer had, they reached for what they did, and they created something beautiful.

They created trees of life.

I mean come on, they are living a life riddled with symbolism that I can’t even make up myself.

They created life through what felt like death.

And it was death. It was the death of an era of a substantial living.

It was the death of comfort.

It was death of what they were used to.

So let’s do the same. Let’s create life through death.

Through the death of thoughts of him/her, create life with new thoughts of how strong you’ll be getting out of this.

Through the death of a lifestyle with that someone, create life with celebration of a new journey.

Through the death of what seemed comfortable, create life through true comfort.

We got this.

Heartbreak is not a dead-end.

Heartbreak is just a chance for us to re-see the splendor of what the beautiful world has to offer.

Love you guys,


P.S. I have to give the couple who inspired this post a shout-out, so go check out their lovely delights by clicking on the All Twisted Up Designs Facebook Page.

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    Bless you beautiful butterfly

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      You are splendid.