Flower Roots

Keep Going

May 9, 2016 0 Comments

Hello you little wildflower in between a rock and a hard place.

I hope your weekend contained one moment of silence that acted as a comforting sound to your busy life.


This past weekend I went camping with a friend who is hiking the AT (Appalachian Trail).

The whole trip was splendid, and I’d love to go more into detail about it if you want to hang out, sip coffee, and listen to my overwhelmed self decompress all of the splendor that was this weekend.

But right now, I just want to talk about a river.

There was a river by our campsite, and it just so happened to be where I ended up sleeping.

I guess you could say the river and I got to know each other and things got pretty serious.

Really though, being next to the river gave me an elongated opportunity to really just be, and in that being, I was able to allow my presence and the river’s presence to coincide. We weren’t exactly overlapping. It was just like my presence was there and the river was there and we weren’t worried about who knew or what our surroundings thought about us.

It was marvelous.

As I watched the river do its thing without my interrupting its lifestyle, I noticed that the river was a lot like us, and it’s especially similar to what I strive to shine through this blog.

That we are in this together.

I know I say this often on here, but I will keep saying it until it is embedded in our brains.

So *sticks out tongue* there.

As a river flows downward, it moves as one body of water. There are rocks that are high enough to split it open, and even though parts of the water are separated for a second, they connect and becomes one again after the obstacle is over. There are even moments when parts of the river decide to go different directions and shortcuts to the same goal, but again, the water comes back together regardless of shortcuts or scenic routes.

And whatever the water comes in contact with, a part of the river has already hit that obstacle and a part of the river will hit it later.


This is us!

As we go through life, we are one. We are all humans and we are all given a fate and a destiny. We have obstacles in our paths that cause us to drift apart from our peers, making us feel isolated and alone, but when we keep moving forward, we end up in community again, overcoming the obstacle altogether. In life, we also want to take shortcuts to get what we want, but we realize that these shortcuts oftentimes push us back, making it where we never truly moved forward at all, so we realize our mistakes and move back to the main road and find our community again.

And all issues, struggles, insecurities, anxieties, problems, and lies we claim as truth are not creative or unique to us. Someone has gone through what we are going through already, and someone else will go through this after us.

And most people are going through what we are going through the moment we start struggling.

That’s why we have to stick together.

We just have to keep moving forward.

We have to keep flowing and pushing to be in community with our surrounding people who help us go.

If we’re feeling alone, keep moving.

If we’re in the best times of our lives, keep moving.

If we’re stuck behind a rock, keep moving.

If we feel weighed down by a bad decision, keep moving.

Be a river.

Keep going.

Because regardless of our choices, if we keep our heads together, up, and moving, we will all end up at the ocean.

Love you guys!