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When Your Life Is Chaos

May 15, 2016 0 Comments

Oh, my dear, you have finally made it.

I am so glad you could join me on this lovely day.

Even if I don’t feel lovely the moment you read this, know that just knowing that you are reading this post has already made my not-so-lovely moment much, much lovelier.

So, thank you for being here.


 My life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately.

Everything has been great, but chaotic nonetheless.

And I feel that a ton of people are sort of feeling the same way right now.

So in the midst of the crazy, I won’t overwhelm you too much with more words to think about and more pictures to try to relate to your situation.

What I will say is this,

Lay down.

At some point, try to lay down and let the wind of chaos blow over you.

If something is chaotic, it means it’s out of your control.

So let it remain that way and have peace with that.

Just lay down.

Enjoy your limits in the situation,

And just be.

Be a rock that restfully sits watching all of the elements perform, happily knowing that it can never do what those elements do, but it can be a rock, and it’s best at doing just that.

Be a rock.

Actually, be you.

Be you in the midst of things that aren’t you, and be comfortable with the fact that you can’t be everything else.

Whether you lay with your eyes open to watch it all unfold, or shut your eyes as tightly as you can, it doesn’t matter.

Just lay down and have faith that it will be over.

Do what only you can do, and trust me, the time will come when you will have your chance to do your part in a way only you can.

But right now,

Just be.

Love you guys,