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Just Love

June 5, 2016 0 Comments

Hey you.

Actually, that makes me sound sort of seductive.

Hello person in a very platonic way!

That’s better.

I hope I didn’t miss too much in your life this past week (I definitely have missed you during the two-week gap) but at the same time, I hope incredible lessons were learned and friends were made.


Hearing about other people’s lives can be overwhelming.

I’m not saying it’s bad, but I just don’t know what to do with my hands or mouth when so much is happening.

Hurt has happened.

Loss has happened.

Grief is happening.

Milestones have happened.

Mended wounds have happened.

The making of wounds have happened.

Change has happened.

Growth has happened.

Relationships have happened.

Just a ton.

And at the same time, so many people are receiving hate for things that are unnecessary.

Sexual preference,



Gender preference,

Religious affiliation,

or the lack thereof,

and I’m tired of it.

But I also can’t do much about it as far as fixing everything in one motion.

I can’t mend all of this crud.

I can’t change everyone’s concrete mind about how they view people unlike themselves.

I can’t snap my fingers and this world be full of only positive vibes and no neglect or discrimination.

I can’t twirl in a circle and all of sudden no one dies, no one gets sick, and no hearts will ever break.


I can’t do these things as much as I want to.

However, I can do one thing.


I can love those who are receiving hate.

I can love those who are giving the hate even.

I can just love, and so can you.

So if you’re anything like me and you feel like you have to rescue society with your bare hands.

You can’t, but you can love everyone.

So in this crazy world where anything and everything happens.


Love by cooking for someone.

Love by hugging one who feels alone.

Love by complimenting others.

Love by being that pillow for someone to rest on.

Love by saying what’s needed.

Love by shutting up when it’s not needed for you to speak.

Love by doing everything.

Love by doing nothing.

Love by running towards someone.

Love by waiting patiently for them to come to you.

However the situation calls for it to be done, love.

And trust me, you will never count the ways to love someone.

If you ever feel like you’ve nailed it by doing one thing and that is the sole definition of loving someone,

You’ve got it all wrong and you’ve already ruined the essence of what love is.

Because love is never-ending. It’s larger than we can and will ever comprehend.

So just try your best being that one drop of water in the entire waterfall of love’s power.

Just love.

Because everyone deserves it.


And you do too.

Just love.

Love you guys,