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You Matter

July 10, 2016 0 Comments

Hello, you lovely lovely pair of eyes.

As always, I’m glad you’ve made it here.

 I’ll make this short, but I just wanted to tell you that you mattered.

In the midst of the chaos of division mixed with hope of reconciliation, you matter.

While everyone is fighting, you matter.

While fingers are being pointed to groups of people for the action of one, you matter.

While the capabilities of man are shown and terrifying all of us, you matter.

While many are shouting for peace, but somehow saying it in the wrong way, you matter.

While our nation gets hit with realizing we were under conditional love this whole time, you matter.

While many of us sit in awe and teary eyed at the overwhelming nature of people, you matter.

I don’t know what color you are,

And you know what? I wish I did.

I wish I knew so that I could fully embrace you for all of your beautiful qualities that God chose to knit you together with.

And I know this post probably sounds weird, but from a girl who God has shown that she can’t fix this whole thing herself,

I can write, I can love,

And I can at least show one person that they matter in hopes that this love just spreads into the darkness we’re all trying to get out of.

So this post is for you.

You matter.

I love you.

Now please show another person who needs to be reminded that they matter,

That even in a sand dune, their grain of existence is still shown and still appreciated.

Because with all of what’s going on,

It’s not about finding the love that was lost,

It’s about showing people the love we actually never knew.

Unconditional love.

God love.

Loving our neighbors before ourselves.

Real love.

Love you guys,