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Receiving What I Want

August 21, 2016 0 Comments

Helloooooo Dolly!

I cannot believe it’s been three years that I’ve been writing on here, but hey, time flies when you’re writing fun!

And also my jokes have not progressed since the beginning.

I’m so glad you’re here and I’m so glad that this is your first time reading and I’m glad that this is not your first time reading.

Whoever you are and however long your eyes have looked at this junk, I am so glad you’re here.

I hope these past few days have been tremendous for you.


A couple weeks ago, I went on a solo journey to North Carolina to have alone time with myself, as well as with God.

There had been a lot of stress in my life leading up to this point, so I knew that this trip was going to get me refreshed and back to normal because I was far from it the last few days before embarking on this journey.

Long story short, I was right. This trip refreshed me in more ways than I could imagine.

But I’m going to zero in on the first evening in the cabin on this post.

I was sitting on this king-sized bed (I felt like I was on a freaking cozy island, it was so big), and I saw the sun setting outside the far window.

As I played some music to get me into the meditative mood, I slowly got up and walked across the room, over this wooden bridge, and up to the window to view the sky painting on itself.

My eyes slowly rolled down the final rays of the sun to, what I hoped to see, the Blue Ridge Mountain range that lived next to this cabin.

As I tried to see them, there was a large tree with a branch that split out right to where my eyes would have met those mountains.

Immediately, I thought, If that branch just weren’t there, I’d be able to see those splendid mountains.

And just as I was done thinking, I heard God say, But if that branch were to move, then you’re taking the opportunity for the tree to see the mountains.

I was blown away.

As I sat there, a mere visitor, immediately wanting things to move to fulfill my longing for a delightful view, the whole time I was asking something that had been there for so long to move permanently for only a moment’s beauty.

That’s pretty selfish.

 Yes, we are talking about a tree here, but isn’t this what we do all of the time?

“If he would just date me, things would be better.”

“If I could just move here, I would be so happy!”

“If they would just move, I would be able to see.”

I have said all of these things. But if he really did date me just because I said that, then I’d be taking him away from what he actually is supposed to experience right now as a single person.

If I did move where I wanted to, then I’d be taking away the opportunity from someone else to move there who is actually needed there by God, not just wanting to move there.

If that someone actually did move, then I would be taking away their experience seeing the splendor just so that I could.

When we think about who or what we want to move for our own benefit, it’s time we take into consideration what happens when they miss out, because we obviously are doing fine without that hopeful view or house or job or whatever.

And maybe they need it more than we do.

When we ask to receive something, let’s be challenged to change our perspective so that we also see what we are taking away from another for the thing we want.

Sometimes, we do need it more than another.

But chances are, we don’t.

Love others by giving them the beautiful opportunities to see the mountain view for a change.

Love you guys,


July 10, 2016