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Wearing a Leotard is like God Loving You

December 17, 2016 2 Comments

Oh you.

You are so delightful.

I hope life has been as magical as Christmas lights and as warm as hot beverages in your favorite mug.


Today I received a package in the mail, and as I opened the bag, I found what I had ordered only a week prior:

A bodysuit.

What’s a bodysuit you ask?

It’s a leotard, but sounds more like a thing you can wear outside of the dance studio when called a bodysuit.

I unfolded the black, haltered bodysuit and needed to try it on immediately.

Not because I needed to see if it fits or not because I hate returning things, but to see if it will just work out for however it fits.

I had low expectations because it was one of those “Yeah, let’s go crazy,” but those are the clothes I end up not wearing ever and Goodwill gains another “I tried” piece. Being someone who solely wears clothes that are at least two sizes too big, this was way out of my XXL sweatshirt comfort zone.

But I stripped down out of my sweatpants and tee, dove my legs into the unknown, and hung the halter around my neck to complete the trial.

I went in front of my mirror, and I saw something I don’t see as often: my body.

Everything was present and everything had a moment to have their own time to shine. My hips were supported. My waistline was revealed. My shoulders had air to breathe. My back was more vulnerable than it has ever been.

It was a complete change of heart; not only for the different parts of my body, but just for my soul as well.

For the first time in a while, I was wearing something that embraced all of what I have.

I was wearing something that reminded of me of God.

I know that sounds odd, but as I looked myself up and down in the mirror, everything was accounted for and everything had a voice.

And just like it accentuated all my curves and even my “flaws,” God has done the same being that He is the one who created it all in the first place.

He is the one who created my short waist. He is the one who curved my hips out. He is the one who let my thighs never separate.

He is the one who made me Me.

And He has always loved it and He has always told me I’m beautiful, but I constantly hide all of those details under huge thermals and dresses. Now I see what He’s talking about.

I continued wearing the realization for thirty more minutes as I twirled and high-kicked around the house, highly caffeinated and highly joyful. It was a dance of rejoicing and feeling something hold me in a way that receives and loves every part of me.

I write this because no matter what time of year it is, there are times that we want to be “fine” with our bodies, but we still hide them behind distracting colors or big scarves. Maybe instead, you should get something that says, “Yes, I want to be worn by you,” instead of, “I want you to be worn by me.”

I’m not saying buy a leotard, but I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t buy one.

God created every detail of your body; not just for a purpose we look for, but just because He loves those details and He wanted to see them breathe and move.

Don’t hide that please.

Love you guys!


December 2, 2016



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    Brenda Davis aka grandma

    January 15, 2017

    things that make you go hummm…you sound a bit like me.
    I want to support you. I’ll put this on my email and fb.
    I made a powerpoint show of my paintings for possible marketing purposes plus sharing with friends and family. today it’s videos. maybe I’ll care enough one day to figure out how to turn pps into video. I was looking for a video of your cards. take a bunch of pictures and i will make pps and you can figure out how to turn it into video. smiles. there wasn’t an address if someone wants to send money?

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      January 16, 2017

      Thanks for your support, Brenda!! And that’s awesome about your powerpoint shows for marketing! As far as money goes, my etsy shop is where you can find the cards and there will be a place for your to purchase them there! It’s http://www.etsy.com/shop/sspostoffice! Thanks again!