Flower Roots

Karlye- Founder/Author

Karlye Hayes is the founder of Flower Roots.

Okay, I am native to the Atlanta area (aka HOTlanta).
I am currently a student at Georgia State University where I major in English/Creative Writing.
I play music and sing with hopes that people won’t run the other way screaming in terror.
I have two dogs that know me more than I know myself.
I get excited over little things and overwhelmed at the big things.
I laugh at my own puns.
I have uneven thumbs, and so does Megan Fox, so I guess we are related.
I love hugs.
The robot is my signature dance move in any and all situations.
I am a huge fan of life, and I am a fan of the fact that you read this entire thing.
Hope to embrace you soon and tell you how awesome you look!