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Planting flowers on Flower Roots means acting in ways that help people grow.

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Do you ever want to purrfect cup of joe while supporting homeless communities both involving cats and people?

Look no further! Because right here in our local ATL, Java Cats Cafe (the first of its kind) can furfill (too much) your mixture of wants.


Hadyn Hilton, Founder and Owner of Java Cats, is a cat-lover/artist/do-gooder/the works. She thrives on helping others through her photography, videography, and now through coffee-making and cat-loving!

At Java Cats, which is opening in Grant Park, you will have the time of your 9 lives sipping coffee roasted by Land of a Thousand Hills and eating sandwiches made by men and women trying to better their circumstances through Gathering Industries (a culinary non-profit bettering lives in Atlanta). And for you cat-lovers, here is the best part:

You will have the chance to go and straight up hang out with all the cats you could ever love on at one time, thanks to Atlanta Humane Society partnering with this establishment.

Here’s the kicker: YOU ALSO CAN ADOPT THEM.


So get ready to for the next shop to dominate the animal-lovers in the city of Atlanta! The Grand Opening is planning to be March 1st!

For more information, check out their hella-nice website.

When we go out to places, we oftentimes like to eavesdrop on the table next to us, but for Brian Preston of Lamon Luther, eavesdropping on a conversation about the homeless community in Douglasville, Ga started a movement larger than anyone could imagine.

Lamon Luther is a craftsmen workshop devoted to helping homeless dreamers gain their dignity once again by giving them a job to use their hands, gaining them access to what they once had: roofs over their head, food, a healthy job to help them keep those things, and most importantly, hope.

From the beginning of this movement, I had my doubts, but I had no idea about the “village in the woods” that housed many homeless individuals in my own hometown of Douglasville, Ga. Brian Preston however, proved that a tiny spark can start an explosion of help through generosity and the sacrifices he made in order to help those in his own community.

Today, with the constant effort of handing up instead of handing out to homeless individuals, the once roofless craftsmen are building furniture for high-end establishments and will even be hand-crafting tables to go into the new Georgia Dome. Isn’t love crazy?!

To hear a better version of their story, check this video out for yourself:

For more information, go to LamonLuther.com

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself has been an organization that I am amazed at every day. This could be because I worked with them, but anyone would say the same.

This organization truly builds the gap between what is and what could be in our world. There is so much poverty, broken hearts, and hopeless minds that need lifting, and oftentimes, we don’t feel that we can do anything from our place or office, but we are wrong.

By purchasing merchandise through CYNY, you not only get to give 100% of that money to better the life of someone else, you also get to choose who you give it to. Whether your passion be towards rescued women of sex-trafficking, children in need of school, or homeless communities in Atlanta, your purchase can be the starting point of a new life.

It’s not one-for-one, it’s one-for-them.

Check out this short video and get the history and heart of CYNY.

This is my friend, James.

Our Story (Short Version) with Founder James Barnett from Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself on Vimeo.

Go to CYNY.org to check out the full story and to see how you want to represent the change you’ll make.


Who pays the price for our clothing?

The True Cost is a movement. I recently viewed their documentary, True Cost Movie (trailer below), and I have never felt so moved, so convicted, and so encouraged to change society until seeing this. As a country, we have been raised in consumerism and taught to be frugal with our money, which has turned into making sure the clothes we buy are cheap so we can buy more of them at once. Black Friday’s, One Day sales, Closing sales; these are just some examples of how inhumane we become in order to achieve the most stuff.

But what is the real cost of the cheap shirt?

Watch this trailer, watch the whole documentary, find out, and join the movement to end the abuse on garment industries overseas that are in such terrible conditions due to our “need” of cheaper clothing.

Studies show that the fashion industry is ranked number 2 on deadliest industry in the world with the oil industry ranked number 1.

You tell me how needed that half-off shirt is from H&M.

Go to truecostmovie.com for the full documentary as well as more information on how you can grow a garden of fair trade and organically-made clothing.

Ubuntu Football Academy is an organization that is incredibly dear to my heart. These guys are raising leaders within their program by taking in young men within the post-apartheid communities in Cape Town, South Africa and training them not only within the means of an organized soccer club, but also in a safe haven to live and grow spiritually to be the best men they can be despite their living circumstances. Check out Eric’s story to see exactly what you would be affecting if you decide to support this garden in South Africa.

Go to ubuntufootball.com for more information on how you can plant a seed.