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This incredible enigma of a person is such a delight in my life. KAWAN, originally known by many for “Brookwood, Where You At?” has changed so drastically over the years. In his awesome album FUNKWITME, his unique sounds and positive lyrics not only make you want to dance like you’re a professional (even though you’re far from it) in your room, but they put a more positive light on a genre that can act quite negative at times. Knowing this fellow and hearing his tunes, it warms my heart to witness how much this guy has grown and how he has used his gifts to truly reflect who he is and what he is about to the world.

If you’re in need of something new and something different, I highly suggest you quickly get to know KAWAN’s music because he’s about to take over Atlanta with his musical movement, and you want to be that person that knew his stuff before he became crazy famous.

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Meet Freddy Castro

Freddy Castro is definitely someone you want to introduce to all of your friends. He is an amazing gentleman with a solid and genuine heart to everyone he meets, and his music reflects just that. He is newer to the world of performing his own stuff, but you would never be able to tell by his amazing voice and honest lyrics. His new hit single, Coming Around for Me, is one that I have listened to about five times just this morning! I’m lucky and honored enough to be one of the firsts to share this song, since it released August 5th, 2014.

If you want your mood boosted, your smile widened, or your day better, you should give Sir Castro a listen to. Show him some love by allowing him to show you some love from his music. You definitely won’t regret drinking a coffee and listening to this guy.

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Meet Rebuker

These awesome dudes have been close to my heart for a while. Even though they are a different scene than I usually listen to, their passion, heart, and message really show in their music and lyrics. The ‘metal’ community is sometimes frowned upon by others, but I definitely recommend listening in on what they are trying to say. You never know: you may receive a true awakening at one of their shows.

After touring with the well-known group, The Chariot, they recently became a three-man band (as seen in the picture) including Dylan Davis, Blake Wooten, and Nikko Yamada. This is a huge change for them, but their style and message are even more raw and relative to anyone who hears them. Rebuker is definitely a band that tears down all walls on stage, and leaves their heart at the mic for all to see. I love and respect them so much, and you deserve to give them a listen.

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(Image by the latest and greatest: Micah Bearden)


Meet Beka Merritt

This amazing, talented, beautiful, angelic lady is not only soothing to the ears, but she is a dear friend of mine! Beka has been writing her own stuff for a while now, but recently, she has truly been led to pursue her music by blessing the public with her music-love. She is one of the realest people I know, and that realness is expressed in her songs. Her words are raw and transparent, which make her like one of those celebrities that people can relate to. In conclusion, she’s amazing. You’re amazing. Y’all will probably get along great.

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Meet Abe Parker


This lovely sounding fellow came all the way from Ohio to be an Atlantan (Or ATLien or one from Hotlanta).  He has a heart of gold and it’s evident throughout his music. His songs are filled with smiles and positive messages, so if you ever need some sunshine on your cloudiest of days, this is definitely the guy I’d turn to for some music love.  Abe has already been heard and loved by  many in this area, and even this featured video, “Little Sister,” has been on a local radio station in his hometown in Ohio. How cool! Basically what I’m saying is, you’re going to love him, so check out these different electronic routes to find him!

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Meet Andrew Huang & Company


This upcoming, gifted band from Athens, Georgia “Andrew Huang & Company” is the absolute bees knees! Their openness to what and how God wants to do with them is evident in their newest album ‘Hiding Places’ that includes this song, “For You Lord.” They have such a unique sound and ever since I received the album, I haven’t taken it out of my CD player in the car. Give these guys a listen and head on over to their Facebook page to listen to more goodies that will feed your ears well!


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